We at 2 SO Services provide experienced and customized IT support  services in Cape Coral and Fort Myers Florida. In business since 1993, you can count on the highest degree of professional expertise and business solutions from us and we come to you.

Offering professional expertise since 1993, 2 SO Services provides server, network, and backup solutions to all types of businesses in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers Florida area. Our experience in information technology will give you the performance and security you need for a successful business operation.

The information technology professionals at 2 SO Services offer the best in IT Solutions for Compliance and Security in Cape Coral and Fort Myers Florida. Get peace of mind from our extensive experience and skill providing our customers with the necessary data security with PCI and HIPAA compliance mandates.

Performance matters more than ever in business today, so rely on the experience of 2 SO Services’ IT Professionals for your Server Hardware and Workstations. Since 1993 we are on the job building computers and systems which are just right for you. This is your working Gear you have to deal with every day.


IT Services

We at 2 SO Services understand that setting up and controlling the information and computer systems in a business can be a challenging task. Our mission is to give you the very best of our knowledge and expertise to help your business in all areas of information technology. We make it easy for you and we love helping people succeed!

First, we deliver a great experience by getting to know you and your business – this is foremost in any relationship. This type of approach always gives us the ability to better serve our clients and to fulfill their ongoing needs. And, in case you ever run into trouble, we’re always available to help.

Our IT Service expertise is among the most experienced in southwest Florida. We have been in business since 1993 and provide the highest degree of professional expertise and business solutions. We come to you and create the structure, compliance, networking and all other aspects of your information systems with the latest in technology.


Server and Network Implementation

Looking for efficiency and control of your business? Look no further! In today’s marketplace, you will always want to use the very best in busines computer services to ensure security and performance of your information systems. We offer the best solutions for setting up and administering your server and network. This is crucial to the success of business operations and we can help you rest at ease.

Every business needs the proper computer hardware and software and we can match you up with a custom-tailored solution. It is important to have great performance with your server and all of your workstations. Business owners want to ensure that all systems work correctly and are not in danger of breaking down. Our main priority is to foster a genuine and trusting relationship with you so we can fully meet your needs.

These days technology changes so rapidly that you need to stay ahead of the curve. This means that having IT professionals on retainer is a part of doing modern business. Every well-run business has the right company helping them with exactly what is needed. Don’t be left in the dust, make sure that your business has what it needs for IT maintenance and care.


Great Technical Support

IT Support is essential and our service agreement will ensure that you have the proper technical support all the time. Our promise to you is fully detailed in writing and covers all the bases for your benefit. This way, you know everything to expect and are comfortable with the level of support we provide.

Most every business in today’s world utilizes technology – so, it is important to have your IT needs taken care of by professionals. Let our IT business experts take the worry and hassle away so you can enjoy running the daily operations of your company.


Data Protection

Keeping backups of your data and systems is critical – it is much more than just saving data. All your backups should be quick and easy so that restoration is easy to do and accurate. When your data is compromised or if there is a breach or other issue, our IT services are exactly what you need. We make sure that you are backed-up and operational with the least amount of downtime. Downtime could cost your business credibility and customers. With 2 SO Services, you can be assured that this will not happen!

Your server should be managed closely to make sure that your data is never at risk. An alert system takes care of everything through reliable and skilled staff. Your personal IT support is always available to ensure that your data is safeguarded. Another concern is the risk of system failure, but with our support you are taking the proper preventative measure.


IT Services for Compliance and Security

Securing your and your customers data is madatory and required by PCI and HIPAA compliance regulations. Our professional business IT service gives you the very best in compliance and security essentials. We have extensive experience with these areas such as the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” (PCI DSS) and the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA). All businesses that deal with protected and sensitive information need to make sure that the required security measures are in place and adhered to.


Best Performance

In the business world today, the performance of your information systems is more important than ever. So, remember that you can always depend on our extensive experience and professional training regarding all of your needs related to server hardware and workstations. We cater to your needs and build systems that perform great and are set up especially for you. Don’t settle for less than the best!